Masterclass Packages

MAke your night out even better with one of our party pleasing masterclass packages


If you love cocktails and getting involved, then our Cocktail Masterclasses are perfect for you.

From recreating the classics to inventing your very own signature drink we can help you and your friends become experts at cocktail making.

This hour long session is extremely hands on and the perfect way to spend the day before hitting the town. Learn about flavourings and pairings, have fun and the best part is you can drink everything you make!

One of our expert mixologists will be there to cater for your every need, ensuring you leave Bar Signature with all the skills you need to make a knockout cocktail.

We cater for large or small groups, hen or stag parties whatever you desire. We can put on your favourite music and really ensure this masterclass is the perfect start to an incredible night in Bar Signature.

After the masterclass you and your friends will get 20% off drinks at the bar for the following two hours.

For more information or to book onto our Cocktail Masterclass please call us or send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


You will be guided through a tasting of world rums. Our dedicated and passionate team will provide you with a brief, knowledgeable overview of each of the four rums before you mix up your cocktail each; using rum from the tasting as its base spirit.

The experience costs £25, which includes the chance to taste all four rums, plus to make a cocktail with instruction from a member of our team.

Use the contact form to the right to arrange your rum tasting experience at bar signature


Our bartenders provide a service that is not only fun to watch but also fun to be part of,whilst providing a pleasant learning experience which is simple to understand all in the comfort of your own luxurious serviced apartment!

Minimum booking 5 persons, a Cocktail Waiter will come and perform in your room - for £20pp.

This is an hour long session where one of our bartenders will come to the apartment and make two cocktails of your choice from the menu. Your guests can either go about their business getting ready to go out or sit round, learn a bit about them and then enjoy!!